C:geo and Monk’s Cave

28th February 2012 by MarcusMaximi

The guys at work who introduced me to this are Linda (TreasureTrail925), Andrew (HereLooking4Cache) and Mac (MacDan1).

Andy has a GPS device, which is probably how he heard of this ‘game’.

I have installed C:geo onto my HTC Desire. It’s a free geocaching app for Android phones and it does seem very good.

At lunchtime today we went out to look for some cache’s very near work again; in fact we could  walk to them.

We were looking for Monks Cave (GC26DPR) and The Seven Ponds(GC6MC7) both by Furry-Ferrets.

We failed yet again. On the way back we tried to look for The Final Resting Place (GC2TGPY) but failed here as well.

When I got home we went looking for Church Micro 2155… Alconbury-cum-Weston (GC35P99) again and failed … again.

Later I went back for another look but then started drawing attention from the guy in the house next to the gate where I was now looking so I hoofed it off home before he called the police!



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