Day 3 – Around Thorpe Hall

29th February 2012 by MarcusMaximi

After several days of failing to find anything near Monks Cave, and before that Thorpe Hall, we decided to try a different cache so drove round to the other side of Thorpe Hall and parked at the local pub.

From here we walked down the path a little until we arrived at TTT:1308 Take a Seat GC2XVVA) where we had to wait for a muggle* to wander off before looking for the geocache.

Very soon there was a shriek of delight as Andy found it. It was a very small magnetic container with a very small log in it.

Hurrah – out first work-team find and in fact the first find ever for TreasureTrail925 and HereLooking4Cache. Not quite the treasure trove that the kids and I found though!

From here we relocated the car a little closer to work and went and looked for Thorpe Park 1 (GC1ZBE9) by RonnJohn. Again, we spent ages back and forth here but to no avail so headed back to work via Thorpe Park 2 (GC21NT2), another RonnJohn cache.

This was my first outing here but TreasureTail 925 and HereLooking4Cache have tried here twice before, once even going into the nearby craft shop and asking if they knew where the treasure was!

This time Andy found it within seconds so was very happy, now the 2 minute walk back to the office where MacDan1 had to scrape the dog mess of his shoes that he’d picked up at Thorpe Park 2!!

It was darts tonight at the local pub so on the way I looked for a couple of Nighsurfer’s Upton Circular series. I easily found Upton Circular #12 (GC2Z624) but failed miserably on Upton Circular #11 (GC2Z622) and had to give up when I heard dog walkers approach.

On the way home afterwards an American sounding couple were sat on the bench right at the location, in the dark, with a smart phone shining bright. They may have been strange muggles or waiting for me to pass with the dogs thinking I was a muggle. Either way, Upton 11 was a washout for the evening.

* a muggle is a non playing person and is based on muggles from the Harry Potter series of books.



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