My First Geocache

27th February 2012 by MarcusMaximi

A couple of the guys at work today were talking about GPSr and a treasure hunt. They’ve been looking for a cache for the last couple of days.

So I decided to go out with them today when they went out on this treasure hunt at lunch time.

We failed to find anything.

Curious now. I looked up on the map where the nearest geocache was to my house. Well as it turned out there were 2 within 100 odd yards.

So this evening I took the kids out and we found it. We took it home to have a proper look. The kids loved it, we did some swaps then I took it back.

Apparently we probably shouldn’t have removed it.

So my first ever cache find was Through the Arch Window by mummymel

We then went to look for the other nearby cache, a church micro (whatever than means) but my phone was taking me to a wall quite a distance from the church so we failed here.



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