Meeting Some Other Cachers

29th March 2012 by MarcusMaximi

Today we went back to Thorpe Park 3 and after another short fruitless search we spotted John, a guy from the IT department at work, heading our way.

Going for a little lunchtime walk? As he got closer we spotted that he was holding what looked like a GPSr. A cacher? Really?

It took even longer to click that this cache was by RonnJohn! Doh!

Yes John is a cacher, this is one of his caches!

He’d come out to check the coordinates after our fubar yesterday. His GPSr seemed to suggest the cache coordinates were spot on but my phone said otherwise as did google maps. Although the tree coverage doesn’t help either with the GPSr or google!

It turns out that he is not the only cacher at work.

There is a guy that I thought looked familiar and in fact recognised a cache he videoed on his YouTube channel – ChristheNix. Turns out he also works in our IT department.

Then there is half of Furry Ferrets – another IT support worker. Apparently some of the other IT crowd have also been out and about caching too.

Then there is the better half of Beach_Hut, who unfortunately has just been made redundant.




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