My First Cache Hide

17th March 2012 by MarcusMaximi

Today my wife dropped me and 2 of the mini cachers up near Woodwalton and so that we could walk back to Alconbury and find a cache that was published a couple of weeks ago but due to being off the beaten track has only been found once!

The cache is Maggots Gap (GC3DTBA) by JLAM-D. This was a great sized cache. An ammo can! The mini-cachers spent ages pawing over the contents and wanted to take more than they replaced. Nope not allowed!

Whilst we were out we all placed a cache of our own.

First of all Josph12 placed Joseph’s Jaunt on the corner of a little copse. Then Issylovestoffee placed Message In a Bottle, which was a little bottle stuck in a hole in the base of a tree!

We then carried on to Maggots Gap and then beyond where I placed my first ever cache: Monks Wood Meander #4 a small square plastic tub from Tesco!

After that we grabbed some more of the Upton Circular series from the top of Vinegar Hill down to Alconbury on the way home.

After lunch we we shopping for Mothers Day presents etc and grabbed A1(M) View – Old A1 which had a Travel Bug in it.



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