Finally My First First to Find

19th April 2012 by MarcusMaximi

Today I went out on my own because the weather was inclement (read – peeing it down!). First of all I drove up to the Prison to pick up Banged up with Baker! 

This is sitauted just inside Baker Park which is next to the prison.

Then I popped around to the top of Ferry Meadows and had another go at the two we DNF’d yesterday. At Tranquility it was an easy find where MacDan had been looking – old eyes being the problem here I guess! But Sheepwash was still a DNF.

So that was it for the day, or was it? I got home, we had dinner and then an email came in saying a cache had just been published up near Holme.

I suggested to the wifey-muggle that I took the dog for a walk and headed up the old A1 arriving at GZ 45 minutes after publication.

I then proceeded to wandered round getting more and more anxious that someone else would turn up and find it, but luckily I found it, opened it up to find an empty log YAY! which I then signed, rehid and got back into the car just as another car turned up!

My 124th find and my first ever FTF! Thanks to The Mortons đŸ™‚



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