More First to Finds!

22nd April 2012 by MarcusMaximi

At 09:45 this morning my phone beeped and I saw that 3 more caches had been published up the A1 at Normans Cross.

I am so glad I set up these notifications and have email on my phone!

So I loaded the two elder caching girls into the bus and headed north.

We arrived at Norman is Cross less than an hours after it was published. We parked near someone’s drive and walked over to the GZ. The landowner drove past us then and didn’t look too happy. Luckily we had a quick find of a cache with an empty log book which we soon signed and got out of there.

We then headed over to Holme and had a FTF there and then a third FTF on the road up to Yaxley. WOW!!



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