North Norfolk Caching

13th April 2012 by MarcusMaximi

(Rhododendrons and Azaleas at Sherringham Park)

We’ve been away for a few days staying at the in-laws new static caravan at Kelling Heath.

Turns out there are a few caches close by but it’s a pain to actually get them to show up on your phone as the internet/mobile signal is rubbish around there!

We arrived on Monday and after we settled in, had dinner and a pint or 2 I realised I hadn’t found a cache for the day so I took the elder mini-MMs, the dog and a torch to have a look for Wood Clearing. We didn’t even need the torch as the mini-MMs went straight to it.

On Tuesday we took a walk through Sherringham Park and started A Stroll in the Park where we found the first 2 parts of this, by all accounts, long and difficult multi-cache.

Then went and found I saw it in the woods. We took 2 year old Bobus down to this one with us and left mummy-muggle on the top path relaxing with the baby, once we had found it I needed to carry Bobus back up the hill on my shoulders!

The phone signal in Sherringham Park started off bad at the car park to the south east and got progressively worse. In these situations you really need a proper GPSr.

Back to the caravan and the phone signal is still appalling but enough to figure out some coordinates for Jakes Goodbye.

On Wednesday we took a trip to Cromer and picked up Sarah’s Shore and worked out some coordinates for Poppyland. On the way back stopped off a Pretty Corner to grab the first 2 parts of Jakes Goodbye. At that point we headed back to base camp and left the wife-muggle and small children and came back with bigger children to finish this off.

The mini-cachers spent 15 minutes staring at stage 2 before I went and pulled it out then it was an “Up Hill and Down Dale” extravaganza to get to the final coordinates, where we spent ages getting wet, before giving up and then me deciding to look at a fairly obvious spot some distance from GZ and there was the cache!

On Thursday we took another drive out Cromer way and purely by accident decided on a picnic spot that was very near the coordinates that we worked out for Poppyland, That was a nice easy find and then on the way back we stopped off for a break at West Runton and spent ages looking for a great little hide: A Wooly Tail.

My Birthday and time to go home, We stopped off at Congham hoping to get Refreshment Required for the streak but this was not to be so had to pick up a local one when we got home.



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