Record Haul

18th April 2012 by MarcusMaximi

Yesterday we bagged 7 caches. I’m pretty sure that was out best haul yet.

On the way into work this morning I finally managed to grab Motorway Suduko Mayhem which has had a muggle parked nearby for weeks.

Then at lunch time we went out with a plan to beat yesterday’s record haul so MacDan, TreasureTrail and I jumped in MacDan’s motor and headed up the road from Castor to Marholm and managed to grab 4, including 2 really cool ones … Pecker’s Revenge and Rusty’s Corner. before heading to the northern access of Ferry Meadows.

At Ferry Meadows we managed to bag another 4 plus 2 “Did Not Finds”.

This made our group total 8 – which does indeed beat yesterday.

Not only that but earlier on in the day I had managed to crack The mysterious case of the Dancing Monk; a very complicated puzzle that I’d been working on for ages and then someone finally found it.

Wifey muggle texted me a shopping list which gave me the perfect excuse to elongate the trip home and once tesco was dealt with I decided to stop in and pick this up. That was a journey and a half, you have to go read my log on it!

That makes my personal record for a day of 10!



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