The Disabled Lizard King

14th June 2014 by MarcusMaximi

The Lizard King has not been found for 14 months now. Not a surprise really!

Today the reviewer disabled it because “I notice that this cache appears to have had some problems for some time now.

Now, the cache does not have a geochecker and none of the DNF logs specify they actually have a good set of coordinates.

It’s a very difficult puzzle – it’s supposed to have DNFs.

I have the same problem with Alconbury Amble #17 (and now Alconbury Ambulance #16) in that I’d have logs requesting I check it. I know damn well that it’s not going anywhere and it’s very difficult to find!

I have spoken to all (or most) of these DNFs when they have DNFd the cache and have ascertained that they do not have the correct location and have not therefore been to the real GZ.

So, knowing that it can’t possibly have gone, I re-enable it with the text:

after speaking to various searchers and confirming their search areas a disablement is not warranted by a string of DNFs on a high difficulty cache. Fully accept this disable is due to the guidelines set and NOT the local volunteer reviewer following the set guidelines.

Notice me stating that I had checked that cachers were not looking in the right place, so they weren’t true DNFs and that I also made sure the reviewer knew I wasn’t having a go at him and I appreciated he had to follow the guidelines.

Almost instantly the cache was disabled again with the comment …

I disabled the cache due to the number of DNF logs. These logs indicate that the finders had solved the puzzle but failed to locate the actual cache.

I did not disable the cache due to the number of DNF’s but the lack of an owner maintenance log indicating they had followed up on those DNF’s.

If the CO wants to own a difficult cache then they need to accept that they may need to regularly check that the cache is available to be found. Once these checks are complete they should post a owner maintenance log to indicate this to the caching community.

Lack of regular maintenance of a cache by it’s CO is a valid reason for it to be archived.

As I see from the CO’s latest log, they have still not visited the cache location and confirmed it is still in place. For this reason I am disabling the cache again until this physical check has been undertaken.

Well I don’t see any maintenance visits on Europe’s oldest unfound cache which is a 5/5,  or this one in the alps 4 years without a maintenance trip! What about the World’s oldest unfound cache? Not a lot of maintenance trips here? Only 6 years for this Spanish one!

Several people have also stated in notes that it doesn’t warrant being disabled just because it is a hard cache.

To be brutally honest I don’t ever expect anyone to find this without the set of 20 odd teaser caches being published!!!



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