Alconbury’s 7 (ish) Souvenirs of August

24th August 2014 by MarcusMaximi

Today I held my first event.

I’d planned this as there were no events that I could go to to qualify me for the 7 Souvenirs of August, so I contacted Poshrule and IzaakWilson and asked if they wanted to co-host an event with me.

A date was picked and the event was created.

To go along with the event the first half of the Alconbury Amble was re-released as the Alconbury Ambulance along with a Bonus cache.

Also to help people get all 7 souvenirs the multi was re-released, a letterbox cache placed up Vinegar Hill and an Earthcache published at the church.

It was due to run from 2-5pm but I popped down to the club at 12 to see if we needed to set anything up or if anyone had turned up early. There was a small group sat outside, but by the time I had gotten myself a drink they had gone.

I gave Poshrule a call and he was out on the trail with Ross and his dad, Loriannandkev and several others. They were just heading for the mystery caches and then would be back so I hung around for them.

Once they got back I set up shop, had a quick chat, discovered that due to family troubles Izaak may not be able to make it, and then headed home to drop the car off so that I could have a few drinkies.

Izaak did manage to make it as well so all was good.

It was great to see old and new faces and many people came from far afield.

And best of all, I got my 7 Souvenirs finished đŸ™‚



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