The Cachers Eye

28th August 2014 by MarcusMaximi

How many times have you been out somewhere and thought that’d be a good place for a cache and (without looking to see if there is one there already) go home and look up the location to find there is a cache there?

Or where you were somewhere not caching and your cacher’s eye spotted something totally innocous to a muggle but made your caching senses tingle?

I just had a log on one of my Trigtastic series where the latter happened …

 “This was the first day of our trip down south to visit relatives in Chichester. Our plan was to make it a YOSM finding trip and this was the second of the morning. Because we were concentrating purely on YOSM’s we had decided not to run any PQ’s for the route or for specific areas; mainly because time would be against us. However, when you walk up to a trig pillar and there is a rather ominour rock leaning next to it, your caching nose just starts to twitch a little bit! Sure enough as we moved it top one side there was the little tinker hiding in the drain hole. Fantastic, two for one. The picture shows Jo with the cache in hand, and had we had more time we would have loved to do the whole series. TFTC.




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