My Old Man

21st October 2014 by MarcusMaximi

I’ve seen caches before in memory of people so decided to set one in memory of my father.

My Old Man was a navigator on Lancasters during The Second World War and stayed on after the war and made a career of the RAF, ending up as a Squadron Leader. He could probably have risen further but told his Group Captain to **** Off!

In that time he spent a tour or three in 617 squadron, the famous Dambusters! Although not whilst they were bouncing bombs on lakes.

Dad was a techie and always into new electronic gadgets and therefore would have loved geocaching! Unfortunately he died back in 2009 before I discovered it.

Yesterday he would have been 93 so I decided to place a geocache in his memory underneath the flight path of our local RAF base, that as far as I am aware he never served on!



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