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13th October 2014 by MarcusMaximi

Ross has been setting out a mini-series of puzzle caches recently.

His first was Stars In Your Eyes which I found quite difficult. The theme here being famous peoples eyes.

Then came Guess Who’s Chest. I though we’d have to guess which person was called Chest. But no, (tip for Ross: Whose). I did have a chuckle at that one and have spent hours staring at the cache page every evening since it was published trying to figure it out.

Then along came Tash For A Cache I did quite well at this one. Not solved it yet though. I have to get the Chest one figured out first *Goes back and has another look at GC5D3B6*

His latest one is Attack Of The Six Packs (GC5EJBQ). I wondered what I was going to see when I opened up the cache page. I had imagined a pack of rabid lager cans with zombie teeth, but no, one for the girls methinks! Back to Guess Who’s Chest I suppose.

So, Ross, what is next? I dread to think. Search for the Sausage? What a Balls Up!

Anyway, I’m still having trouble with Guess Who’s Chest so I’m off to have another look at it now.

Nice one Ross đŸ™‚



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