Throwing In The Towel

7th November 2014 by MarcusMaximi

What makes someone throw in the towel?

Well, the UK’s most prolific cache setter, with over 3,000 hides, Izaak Wilson has given up.

He is in the process of archiving all of his caches and will move his son’s series over to a new account before disabling his izaakwilson account.

I’m going to take over some of the spots and clean up the ‘geolitter’ and he’s even going to throw some my way for adoption.

He had left a couple of series out there, but the day he started archiving someone went out and pick up all the pots from a route that was still live, and was going to stay live – wtf?

So, why would you do it?

My guess is that it’s a cold turkey situation. With so many caches to maintain (although some claimed he never maintained his caches and relied on kindly cachers to do it for him) and a new job, there was no time for it. So they best thing was to go cold turkey and dump the lot.

He was also getting grief from several quarters, one of which was the anti-power trail crowd, and some say he had just had enough.

Will we ever know?



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