Goodbye Great Escape

23rd December 2014 by MarcusMaximi

Today I archived The Great Escape series in Peterborough.

It has been a long time coming as they keep going missing and their ‘raison d’etre’ has long gone, as per my archive logs …

The reason for this series has long since passed. It was laid along the route to the pub for publication on the day that one of many incidences of mis-management at [a certain IT company close by] led to a mass redundancy and farewell drinks at said pub by the rowing lake.

On this particular occasion a department with several geocachers was hit and this was my parting gift to them.

Ironically, I have since been made redundant due to the same chronic mis-management and now no longer have easy access to maintain these caches.

All caches checked today and removed if they were still present.


It got its name from the department that were being culled calling themselves The Great Escape. It started at a bench near the office and ended up just past the Riverside Pub with a Brian Cache created by TreasureTrail925 which long ago became more of a Slugsy Cache!

Slugsy has now become Winter Solstice – re-purposed, submitted and published on the shortest day. The rest have gone.



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