Jacob’s Moving Cache May Stop Moving

31st January 2015 by MarcusMaximi

It is looking awfully like JacobBarlow has got bored of updating the coordinates of his moving cache every few days.

As of 29th January he has temporarily disabled it with the short note:

Deciding what to do with this cache. It’s time may have come.

and moved its published coordinates over to Utah in the US.

Needless to say there was a sudden influx of ‘write notes’ begging him not to archive it, which is his right if he so desires.

(And surprisingly not one mentioned the grammar error with It’s!)

The reason for this flurry of activity is that you cannot create a moving cache now, these type of caches have been grandfathered; so once it has gone it has gone. This is not quite true.

There are many people offering to adopt it and many people putting forward the argument that groundspeak do not allow you to adopt grandfathered cache types. However, to my understanding this is not quite the case. This is simply a ‘Mystery’ cache that the CO has a grandfathered right to move beyond the 2 mile (fictitious) final coordinates.

Grandfathered cache types, like Virtuals and Webcams, are a type of their own which would be checkable within the software the deals with the adoption process. This is just a mystery, so, I would guess, remains adoptable.

I would imagine that this constant moving does, however, cause the original and/or local reviewer a headache as they will be constantly seeing this come up on their queue for checking!

Someone else also stated that Jacob has effectively killed this by moving it to Utah and not updateing the coordinates, and there are only 490 people watching this, so they are the only ones (sic.) illegible to make a find.

I would partly agree with this as the cache won’t show up on peoples maps when they are looking to go out and find a cache for the day, but I doubt that many finders have just spotted it on their map and gone out and found it. People are watching and will drive quite some distance for a chance at this cache; it doesn’t usually stay put for long.

I would also point out that quite a few of those 490 have already found it, myself included, reducing that pool of potential finders even more.

However, not only could people find it who are not watching it officially, whether that be their friends give them a heads up that it is nearby, or they just check up on its location once in a while.

There will also be a natural circulation of watchers if not an organic growth. Those 490 people are not the first batch of people watching this cache when it was released upon the unsuspecting geocaching public back in November 2002. People find it and stop watching it, new people hear about it through, Twitter, Facebook, GC Forums, friends and many other places and they’ll start watching it. It is up to 493 as I write!

As long as people keep finding it and continue to re-hide it then the cache will live on. The coordinates do not technically need to be amended. Even archiving it will not necessarily stop it. You can log an archived cache, it will still count towards your numbers. It will simply have been pushed a little underground.

JMC #1 is dead. Long Live JMC #1



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