Jacob’s Moving Cache

10th January 2015 by MarcusMaximi

I’ve been watching Jacob’s Moving Cache for some time now. It’s been mentioned on the UK Geocaching Podcast several times. Basically, unlike normal caches, this cache moves around the country.  When someone finds it they need to take it with them rather than re-hiding.

Then they need to find a new hiding place for it and post the coordinates in their found it log.

Just before Christmas it had made it’s way up to Stowmarket and I was hoping it would carry on up the A14 to somewhere near Cambridge.

On Monday Ross messaged me to say it had appeared just south of Royston and he was going to go try for it and would I like it to be dropped near me … Oh yes please!!

He managed to get hold of it and duly dropped it off near Hatley when he was passing on Wednesday. I was, of course, straight out the door and had it within minutes!

The intention was to drop it off nearer Peterborough that night but I was running late on the way home and in the end still had it today.

To stir up a bit of interest I posted in one of the facebook groups that it was going to be dropped off near Huntingdon at some point, but, again, circumstances conspired against me and I still had it at 7pm so I popped out to dump it in Alconbury with the littlest boy cacher.

I later popped out to the pub and on my way home I checked on it at around 11pm and it was still there. On arrival home I was greeted by a dog with crossed legs so thought I’d better take him out as well otherwise we’d be greeted with a puddle in the morning.

I walked back to the cache site and now it had gone. I think that took about 3.5 hours from coordinates being published to being picked up.



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