Logging in Bristol

12th January 2015 by MarcusMaximi

Ross’ c**p cache from back on the 5th December still hasn’t been STF’d so at lunch time today I went and became the Number Two finder!

This was my log …

I had seen the source material for this in a facebook group earlier in the week before publication so had a very good idea what to do.

In fact I proceed to solve it from memory without re-locating the required image. Now that just goes to show how much c**p is in my head.

I couldn’t believe it when I rechecked that this had only been found once and so determined that I had to go out and help this little chap out. I can only guess that no-one want to be NUMBER TWO on the LOG sheet!

First off I headed down to the golden arches for some lunch (well I can’t drive all this way just for a cache!), so now my stomach AND head were full of c**p. With that part of the mission accomplished it was a short drive to GZ where then hint and coords were spot on.

As it was raining I retreated to the motor with the cache and now I had a stomach and head full of c**p as well as c**p on the passenger seat of the motor.

With my STF recorded at 13:33 I then went and replaced the ‘log’ where I found it.

I am so glad I had some wet wipes in the car!

Find: 2,332

Cache Replaced As Planned



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