The New Upton Circular – WestUpton Circambular & Back

22nd January 2015 by MarcusMaximi

Its back. Kinda. I forgot to message Nightsurfer to take him up on his offer of re-using his pots and he went and cleaned up all his old pots, including, I suspect, at least one of my new ones in his old spots! Ooops!

As such I had to use many more of the pots I had recycled from Izaak’s Aldwinkle walk than I anticipated. Never mind.

The new walk uses most of the second half of the old Alconbury Ambulance (Weston Spur) and most of the southern half of the Upton Circular combined with a few new roadsides and a new Village Sign and Milestone cache to make a 27 cache loop over 4 miles with a pub in the middle of it.

I headed out with Josph12 on Sunday morning from the bottom of Upton Hill and headed south to the brook and back along to Weston. Then we headed over the bridge at Weston and up the fields to the back end of Upton and then back down the hill to finish that half of the new walk, then it was off to warm our frozen toes up.

On Monday I was off work, so I went out and walked from the old milestone cache site west to join up with the loop on its way to Upton and then backtracked and finished the easterly portion of the loop back to the pub.

If you are planning on making use of the pub for refreshment purposes please check their opening hours, they are not open all day even at the weekends.

The walk also butts up to the Alconbury Ambulance, which could be combined to create a 9 mile figure of eight walk.



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