Minimum Event Duration Increased. So What?

18th February 2015 by MarcusMaximi

Our local reviewer just posted this on facebook which confirms the ‘rumours’ that have allegedly been flowing from the Podcache Show (Not seen them myslef- really should do some research beforee posting!) …

An update on event caches …………………………….. 
5.7. Changes to Event and CITO Guidelines – February 2015

Event Caches represent the cornerstone of the thriving and growing geocaching community. It’s where explorers meet face-to-face, swap stories of their adventures and welcome new geocachers. To ensure geocachers are provided a minimum amount of time to form meaningful connections and build a sense of community, Geocaching HQ has updated the guidelines.
Beginning February 18, 2015, minimum durations will go into effect for Event Caches, CITO Events and Mega-Events.
Event Caches will now be a minimum of 30 minutes.
Cache In Trash Out Events (CITO) will now be a minimum of 1 hour.
Mega-Events will now be a minimum of 4 hours.
We know most geocachers are overachievers. We therefore encourage players to exceed the minimum durations to enjoy more time with their fellow adventurers. We at Geocaching HQ believe the update will help ensure a positive, healthy and growing community into the future.

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