Unlock Your 2015 Geocaching Mission on May 2 and 3

24th March 2015 by MarcusMaximi

According to Groundspeak …
This May 2nd and 3rd, celebrate the history of geocaching by unlocking your mission for 2015. May 2nd and 3rd signal the beginning of geocaching, some 15 years ago.
On May 2, 2000, GPS signals were descrambled, increasing the accuracy of GPS devices worldwide by ten times.
The following day, what would become known as the first geocache was hidden.
Celebrate 15 Years of Geocaching on May 2nd and 3rd by finding any geocache or attending any geocaching event. You’ll earn a new digital souvenir for your geocaching profile.
Unlock details of your 2015 geocaching mission by reading the souvenir’s description. Join the conversation with your fellow geocachers on social media by tagging #Geocaching15 in your posts.”
So, geocaching will be 15 years old in May. Which means I have been caching for over 3 years! I set a series to celebrate 12 years. Ideas for another series are welcome!



  1. Judi Chisam says:

    How do I unlock details of the 2015 geocaching mission and read the souvenir's description?

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