Cachers With an Entitlement Complex

10th May 2015 by MarcusMaximi

entitledWARNING: May contain language NSFW.

Ross came up with a great idea for a challenge cache which involved cachers having to have found 1000 caches that were hidden by either himself, myself or a combination of both us.

We looked into the guidelines and part of the challenge was deemed to restrictive so the above definition was the one that was decided upon.

Our great local reviewer looked into it and ensured it complied with all the said guidelines and it was published just 2 days before the Challenge Cache Submission Moratorium began!

So, less than a month later we heard that it had to be changed. Someone had complained that the requirements were too restrictive, even though the reviewer had already checked it, requested a change so that it DID comply with the guidelines and accepted it!

Double U Tee Eff!!!

Some people really piss me off!

A challenge cache is supposed to be a challenge, if you don’t qualify then take up the challenge and do whatever it takes to qualify, otherwise stop bitching and fuck off! Fucking children!



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