Trigtastic Facebook Group

6th May 2015 by MarcusMaximi

I’ve come over all Facebook. Now re-read that and put your dirty minds away.

I’ve created a group on Facebook to publicise my Trigtastic series of caches.

There are already several series related groups out there in Facebook Land; The Village Sign Series, Sidetracked, A Fine Pair and of course The Church Micro Series. So I thought “Why not have one for my series?”

So, I created the group ( and put one little post in the Geocaching UK Facebook group and by the end of the day had 35 members!!

Please feel free to head on over and request to join.

The idea is that people can post pics of trig points, ideas for Trigtastic caches, request a number for their own Trigtastic cache and much, much more trig related hijinks!



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