Dorset Holiday Day 1 – The Journey

8th August 2015 by MarcusMaximi

Today we came to Dorset on our Holligogs.

We planned to start off at 06:00 but didn’t end up leaving until about 08:30. Of course this ended up with more traffic than hoped for.

But with such a long trip and 5 children there was plenty of opportunity for stops; and what do stops make? Geocaches!!!

Our first stop was at Fleet services and after filling our faces at the Golden Arches I left la famille and headed down the road to grab the Motorway Mayhem , Fleet Services South cache. This was down a side road with a sign saying no trespassing, but I think that was aimed at vehicular traffic. At GZ it was a nice easy find and bigger than your usual magnetic!!

Back in the car and off we go again, by now the roads are slowing dramatically and google maps is telling me the M3 is shafted all the way to Southampton, so off we go over to Andover.

Here I try and grab a milestone cache before being beaten back by nettles etc so divert to grab Red Kite whilst ice creams are purchased.

Now, it’s time to rejoin … a traffic queue … arg!!!

More googling later and a further alternative route is worked out and we’re off again …



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