Dorset Holiday Day 2 – Chesil Beach & Weymouth

9th August 2015 by MarcusMaximi

Today we headed off to Chesil Beach where there is an earthcache – imaginatively name Chesil Beach Earthcache!

All I had done was download the earthcache and hadn’t read it so when we arrived I checked out the logging requirements.

a) Take a picture of certain vistas with your GPSr in it – no holiday snaps! … Oh dear – my GPSr is my smartphone. My camera is my smartphone. Oops!!

b) Answer some questions … easy enough.

Well, the beach wasn’t sandy and it was windy and there were people fishing all down the beach and we forgot to take lunch, so we didn’t stay long and headed to Weymouth instead (after I’d done the necessary for the earthcache of course!!)

So, off to Weymouth it was. We parked in the Harbour car park and walked to the beach. The sand there is very fine and I guess it has been imported.

The kids go off and play by the sea while we sit and get fine sand blown all over us. The wife muggle heads off to buy a wind break which she then leaves me to set up without a mallet and disappears off to buy lunch.

The windbreak doesn’t stop the sand being blown into our coke cans and into our chips. I did not enjoy lunch.

So after that fun I take the family back to the camp site and head off with J12 to Morrisons and on the way back grab 4 more caches.

The first was a fake rock, the next 2 were logs/sticks and the last was a snail. All micros but a far cry from the 35mm pot at base of post that posh, Izaak,Ross and myself has saturated Cambridgeshire with!



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