Dorset Holiday Day 3 – Portland Bill & Lulworth Cove

10th August 2015 by MarcusMaximi

Day 3 involved a trip down to Portland Bill followed by a picnic near Durdle Door and finished with a walk around Lulworth Cove.

All three have an associated earthcache and we parked up very near to the info for Durdle Door but I hadn’t downloaded the listing, besides, it was foggy, so we didn’t do that one, we just had lunch there.

But, I get get ahead of myself, we started off heading down to Portland Bill. We didn’t go up the lighthouse as it was way too expensive. So we checked out the nearby rock stack for the earthcache and J12 just had to climb on it.

We then spent 15 minutes looking for the nearby traditional. Once that was finally found in the place Issylovestoffee had first looked I looked inside and found a calling card that looks like Geoff and Melissa of SmokeyPugs fame (The Village Sign People!) had been here.

We then headed off, via another trad and a golden postbox cache, which commemorates gold medals in the 2012 Olympics, to grab a picnic at Asda and then off to eat it.

On the way to Durdle Door the fog really started to drop, in fact it was actually low cloud but hey-ho, and at Durdle Door you couldn’t even see the sea from the front of the car park! The muggle wife didn’t want to hang around here too long so after we’d eaten we headed off to Lulworth Cove which I learned all about in GCSE Geography and promptly forgot!

So at Lulworth cove we walked up to Stair Hole and had a look around there before heading down to the cove.

The kids played with the chalk for a while and then Josph12 and I headed off to the other side of the cove to claim the earthcache.

We walked up the steps first and then back down and checked out the old kiln and the stream before collating our answers and heading back to everyone else.

They, of course, had given up waiting at this point and headed back to the start of the cove.

Another day in Dorset and 2 more earthcaches complete. At least one of the three should be accepted so I’ll get my Road Trip souvenir without having to do the earthcache near home.



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