Road Trip 2015 Complete

18th August 2015 by MarcusMaximi

3 souvenirs

Yesterday, with the wife still away, I had to go to work /cry

However, with it being past the 14th August it was now time to pick up a Mystery cache for The 2015 Road Trip.

I have been saving Ross’ It’s All About the Cache Owner Challenge Cache (which luckily I can now log thanks to moaning entitlement complexed kids) as this will give me the Put on Your Thinking Cap souvenir as well as the Let’s Get Extreme souvenir and therefore complete my Road Trip.

With that I’ll get my Road Trip Hero souvenir 🙂

So that’s what I did, I did a little maintenance and then grabbed a few caches that I often drive past and never stop for and then got here. For once there was no-one if evidence so it was a QEF which is great for a T5 cache 😛

Now off to find one more cache and then a slap up meal and some quality ale with my bruv!



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