Nemesis Cache Vanquished

6th October 2015 by MarcusMaximi

Everyone has their nemesis cache. I’ve had a few, but they’re usually sorted after a couple or three visits and a couple of hints from previous finders or the CO replacing them but there’s one that’s been bugging me for several years – Sie Ihren Wagon by Wybo Lakes.

It is situated in the car park of Lidl in St Neots and I have a look for it every time I’ve been there shopping. That’s quite a few times! But never any joy.

Last time I went I saw that all the trees had had a severe hair cut, I had a look around, checked the floor too, but no joy. It must have gone.

Yesterday I went back and everything is still very bare but I went and had a look anyway. It was dark and rainy by now and I didn’t hold out much hope but I thought I’d have a quick look anyway.

I went back to the place where I always look first and there it was, just sitting there in the open for all to see!!

Unbelievable! This has been more of a nemesis than Oh Beep’s airport cache!!!



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