Unpublished Caches Greasemonkey Script Fix

11th November 2015 by MarcusMaximi

(A quick fix for the greasemonkey script that adds a send to unpublished caches button to geocaching pages which will allow you to produce a gpx at http://unpublished.vaguelibre.net”)

sBackground – 11/11/2015
A short time ago ryo62 gave me a link to a website which would allow me to produce a .gpx file of all my unpublished Hatley Heart Attack cache so that I could send it to him and he could map and track all of our series.

I just went to use it again and noticed that the “Send to Unpublished Geocaches” button does not appear to work anymore.
The Solution
Suspecting it to be a change in the way the geocahing.com site builds the pages and therefore the DOM that the script tries to navigate being broken I looked how the greasemonkey scripting works.
It turned out to be a very simple fix. The url is different so wasn’t in the include path anymore. The solution was very simple.

  • Open the Addons Manager
  • Select User Scripts from the right hand menu
  • Click the Options button to the right of the Unpublished Geocaches script
  • Click the “Edit this User Script” at the bottom of this window.
  • Add the line // @include https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/* underneath the other @include
    (nb: you may be prompted to type allow pasting to allow you to paste. Do this but take it out again before saving.
  • exit out of the window and OK onthe main window and try.

I’m thinking this is because gc.com have gone to using the same page as a normal geocache listing. Assuming there used to be a separate page for your own unpublished listings. But seek doesn’t sound like it, who knows. The downside is that the button will appear on all listing, whether they be published or unpublished, yours or someone elses. I’ll look at the code and see if I can filter out the addition of the button. Maybe the button did always appear and it’s just renaming the page that has stopped the button working. Either way it works for me now.



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