Beer Festival AND Caching Event

9th February 2016 by MarcusMaximi

beerfestA Beer Festival and a geocaching meetup event? What’s not to like?

On Saturday 20th February Lucie is hosting the 5th Biannual Sutton Cache Fest *Winter 2016*. I keep meaning to go but something always comes up. (Except that time when I was out caching on the other side of the county when I remembered it – DOH!). I was especially gutted as the Oh Beep crew were there for last year’s summer event /sadface

Hopefully this year I’ll be able to make it. I’m currently thinking of persuading a muggle mate who lives in Colne to go and leave the women and kids at his house!!

foodsofengland porkscratchingsIt’s in St Andrews Church in Sutton which is near Ely and lasts from 12-5pm so hopefully we’ll be able to sneak over there for a while. And if beer is not your thing then there is always cake and a cuppa.

Maybe we could bike over there, It’s only 6 miles so should take less than an hour – more on the way back probably! But there are only 2 unfound caches along that whole stretch of road, discounting Sutton itself, though. But within and around Sutton there are at least 15 caches.

suttonbeerfestThe main Beer Festival site can be found at and the geocaching event is held during the Saturday afternoon ‘family’ session which has free entry so we may even take the families (the women can drive!)

So let’s get this straight. Caching Event. Beer Festival. In a church. Pork Scratchings. Rapunzel =). It’s all Win!



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