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8th February 2016 by MarcusMaximi

This has been floating around facebook today. I’ve felt naked without OS maps on and am so happy to have them back 🙂

Block quoted from the forums …

NB. This is for UK Ordnance Survey Maps it will ONLY work for viewing geocaches in the UK.

I’ve been frustrated by the background maps on page none of the background options are entirely satisfactory. So I looked to see if alternative options were available and found out that you can use a FireFox plugin script to allow you to change the background map.

I then found out how to add the Ordnance Survey maps which you can get free on Bing Maps as the background layer. I thought that other Geocachers would be interested.

So here are the steps:

Adding OS Maps to
1. Install Firefox from:
2. Run Firefox and visit
3. Click to install the GreaseMonkey plugin
4. Visit and create a free Bing Maps account. NB. This uses any Microsoft Live account so you might already have one if you use Hotmail,, Xbox live etc.
5. Login to
6. Once logged into the Bing Maps Portal click on “My Account” and select “Create or view keys”
7. Click the first here to create a new key
8. Give it a name – eg: Geocaching OS Maps
9. Give it the URL ie:
10. The key type needs to remain as basic
11. The application type should be Public website.
12. Click create to create your key.
13. Now copy your key details and save this to a text file for later.
14. Visit to install the Geocaching Maps plugin
15. Visit maps page sign in with your geocaching account if you aren’t already signed in.
16. If you are a premium member then you need to make sure your map preferences are set to Leaflet. You do this via the left hand fly out menu “set map preferences” green button at bottom right. If the fly out menu isn’t visible click the green arrow on the extreme left of the map to open the fly out menu.
17. Assuming everything has installed correctly up to this stage you will now see at the bottom left of the map a row of four buttons the 4th of which is a cogwheel icon. Click this icon.
18. This brings up the types of maps you can select from there’s already quite a choice but we are going to add the OS Maps.
19. Click on the Manage Maps tab
20. Now we need to paste some text into the Mapsource field and then click add then save.
21. The text is
• {“alt”:”Bing OS Maps”,”tileUrl”:”http://ecn.t{s}{q}?g=3440&lbl=l1&productSet=mmOS&key=YOUR_BING_MAPS_KEY_GOES_HERE”, “subdomains”: “0123”, “attribution”: “Bing Maps”, “overlay”:false}
• From the text above you need to replace the text YOUR_BING_MAPS_KEY_GOES_HERE with the key you got in step 13. Note its the bit starting { and ending } (including those curly brackets) that you want not the black dot as well.
22. Paste the text string copied from step 21 with the text replaced with your unique key into the Mapsource box
23. Click add and you will see a new item appear on the sources list called Bing OS Maps.
24. Click save to save and close this window this will also refresh the browser.
25. Whilst still on the maps page notice the map selector in the top right corner and click on it.
26. Select the newly added Bing OS Maps and behold your geocaching background map is now a bang up to date OS Map. Note that of course this only works if you are viewing UK locations.
27. You can use the selector in the top right to change to any of the other map types too. You can also use the configure option cogwheel to choose which one you want as the default when you use

Thanks to ShammyLevva whose work I have simply quoted here for reference!



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