Woodwalton WhichWay

7th February 2016 by MarcusMaximi

ec20040201_02Yesterday I grabbed a couple of my nearest to home caches and it spurred me to clear some more of my local area out.

Poshrule’s Woodwalton series has been sat on my doorstep since he republished it nearly 2 years ago (just after I’d finished the first incarnation!)

So today I decided to try and take a good wedge out of it> the wiffle suggested I take the 2 smaller mini cachers with me so I didn’t think there was much hope to finish it but we’ll have a fair whack methinks!

The mini cachers have found a few caches with me in the past, but they are mostly drive bys and they’ve sat in the car or they’re a 100 yards up a track, so not a massive walk. But today I planned on doing at least a circuit of at least 8 which would be many more than they’ve ever done in one go.

So we parked up at #6 and unloaded the dog before heading up the track. The little ones were having a great time running and laughing at the hound racing up and down and we managed not to step in any dog mess liberally spread up the track!! With 4 caches already under our belt we hooked a left to grab #14 so that the rest of that spur would be easier to grab at a later date.

We arrived at GZ and eventually spotted the rock that the cache was hiding behind, but the 4 year old then fell over and put her hand on a stinging nettle. Tears ensued. Unfortunately that ruined the rest of the walk for her as it was stinging all the rest of the way. In fact it was still stinging when we got home later and for most of the evening 🙁

We did find some small dock leaves though and did a little rubbing before heading off to do 13 – 10 in reverse order so as to head back to the car. By then the wind was picking up and there were some icy showers. The kids were not happy about that and the dog was drenched. When we got back to the car we had to wrap him in a towel!

So much for unseasonably warm winter, we picked the coldest, most horrible day to go out!

We then relocated the car and knocked out 17-15 where the kids loved jumping in the muddy puddles, ala Peppa Pig, before grabbing all the drive bys on the way back into the village.

We finished off heading over the horse field to grab 2 and 3 (I’d already grabbed #4 on a previous visit to the area) and then headed home to the warm and a nice Roast Chicken dinner!

Whichway indeed – More like spaghetti junction!



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