The Longest Day

14th April 2016 by MarcusMaximi

Having failed in my attempt to find 100 caches on my birthday yesterday (I fell short by about 90!) I decided to at least try and beat my record of 71 (I thought it was 78 whilst I was out and about!) with a post-prandrial hangover!!

So I left home (2 hours later than planned), got petrol and some food supplies and headed up to Sawtry to start with the multi. I started off here as it just sits here all on it’s own amidst a sea of yellow. Yes I know it’s yellow too, but it’s the wrong sort of yellow

The numbers were gathered on the move and I pulled up further up the road to do the calculations and then didn’t have to go very far from where I’d parked to get to the final. Good start.

Hour 1 – Connington Criterium
Then I headed off to drive around the Connington Criterium. I’d already nibbled at it on my 666 streak by grabbing #19 so planned to go anti-clockwise from #18 and grab the two sidetacked on my way round. I had to leave #18 until last though as someone was parked right next to it.

I had my only real DNF of the day on this loops (the other 3 were definitely gone and I had the COs permission to replace them, but this one I was confident with replacing). By the time I was half way round I had already been out an hour and only found 13 caches!

Hour 2 – More Connington and Finish Gidding
The second hour mostly involved finishing off the Criterium and then heading up to Glatton to grab the fine pair multi and the two just outside glatton caches before heading off to Gidding to clear up my 2 previous DNFs. The Gidding CM had fallen down and there were bits of cable tie in evidence but I just happened to have a cable tie in my pocket so did a little impromptu maintenance before heading off to the Jubilee cache which was another easy find after previous DNFs.

This concluded hour 2 with a total of 31 caches and still just the one DNF. I really should have just stuck to traditionals and drive-bys!

Hour 3 – Drive Bys
Now I did just concentrate on drive-bys and managed 18 finds, starting with Lutton Lambada #11 and ending with Morborne Transmitter #3 relocated, bringing the total up to 47 plus the one DNF still. I did have to replace one of Paul’s caches in this hour but it was a definite missing cache and he gave permission to replace.

Hour 4 – Another Multi
The last full hour brought the total up to 62. It started at Lutton Lambada #7 and ended with Denton’s Donkey where I met the donkey!! I did have 2 DNFs which I replaced for Paul, again with his permission ad the hint so obvious and GZ presenting only one possibility that the cache had to be gone. I also spend some time getting the numbers for the multi. All in all spending a lot of time in Caldecote.

The Last Forty-ish Minutes
I wasted too much time here. I could have probably racked up at least another 5 finds and I was really pushing it to get to the train station to pick up the kids. I had a walk down a muddy track and a good look around before finding Stilton Stumble #6 but at least Abandoned was in the same place it was last time. I missed the multi there. I could have at least grabbed the clues for another day. Then I went traipsing off looking for the Caldecote multi. This left me at around 65 and not a lot of time left. I shot off down the road to Stilton and grabbed several caches including the VS and CM, only missing one on that road due to muggle parked at GZ leaving me at 69.

At this point I thought I needed at least another 10, not the 3 that I actually needed, so I determined that the most efficient course of action would be the drive bys on Haddon Road; so off I went and grabbed all those and finished just after 4. I then had to race down to Huntingdon station to pick the kids up at half 4 – I just made it!!!

to be concluded …



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