Geocacher Rescued By Fire Brigade

18th May 2016 by MarcusMaximi


Today a geocacher had to be rescued by the fire brigade. The geocache was at the end of a pipe over some shallow water that you needed to shimmy over. She managed to get down to the pipe, shimmy over to the cache and do the biz and get back to the start end of the pipe. Unfortunately when it came to getting up off the pipe and back to dry land she was unable to pull herself up.

After sometime struggling she had to admit defeat and call 999, whereupon at least 2 fire appliances and an ambulance car arrived. Thankfully the geocacher was rescued all safe and sound.

Not too embarrassed by the incident she soon turned to Facebook to announce the incident to the entire UK geocaching community via the geocachinguk group

So this just happened…….. Got stuck on the pipe and couldn’t get back up… Dam geocache said it was t1.5….

as well as detailing the incident on her online log

After a mistake when picking todays cache made I found I couldn’t get to it. So a new one was quickly picked, and this was just round the corner. When I got here, I looked around a bit, and kept looking at the pipe, it couldn’t possibly be there could it? Theres no way, it’s only a t1.5. I’d seen a post on facebook about someone shimmying along a pipe that looked like this a few weeks before, it couldn’t be that could it? No way I stumbled on it. Checked the log photos and indeed it was…. It’s only a 1.5 how hard can it be.

*Shimmy shimmy shimmy *
*Lean down grab cache *
*sign full log *
*Turn round and shimmy shimmy shimmy *
*Get back…. *
*Fail to pull self up… fail to pull self up… fail to pull self up…. *
*Dal 999….. *

*Get rescued….. *

Thanks for the cache! <3



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