Getting OS Maps Back part Deux

17th May 2016 by MarcusMaximi

osmapsSome of you may remember a little while back a post I put up describing how to get OS maps back in your geocaching mapping.

Well, almost to the day 3 months after doing this myself it stopped working on my work PC and then within days on my home PC too.

I had some recollection that there maybe a 3 month limit on the key or maybe there was a set amount of tile views that most people wouldn’t hit. Highly likely that I would hit it though as I’m always on and looking at maps!!!

So, soon after this happened I looked into fixing it. I tried even creating a new key and installing a whole new instance on the GME dashboard, but nothing worked.

I have just created a new key with a different windows live account and installed this into GME and it works – YAY!!!



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