Opencaching is Dead, Long Live Opencaching!

12th May 2016 by MarcusMaximi

ripSo, the guys over at non-garmin Opencaching announced that as of August 16th the site will be gone (edit: it may be saved yet)

I have had a draft post sat in my blog admin console for months and months, all about alternative listing sites comparing, not to be confused with Garmin’s Opencaching site and Terracaching with the most popular offering from G$.

Well, Garmin’s site went and shut up shop before performing a fanboi redirect to G$ and now it’s independent namesake also looks like it’s going to shut up shop.

I’ve just gone over and checked out Terracaching and it’s still there, but it’s still as un-user friendly as it always has been. Having said that I cannot even figure out how to view a map of my local area on; I remember ages ago when I wanted to see what was nearby it took me ages to find out how to view the local caches and then there were only a few a just cross listings.

It looks like there have been 7 whole caches published to date this year!

So to be honest, I say goodbye, no loss.



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